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  • Lorin swimwear, sportswear, nightwear - sklep dobrzeubrany.pl

    The Lorin brand was created for women who deserve to feel good and beautiful in their bodies. The Lorin company cares about women and treats all of them equally, which is why a line of products for plus size women or after mastectomy has been created.

    Lorin bathing suits

    The Lorin company specializes in the production of bathing suits. Thanks to the variety of colors and styles, Lorin swimwear gains great recognition among customers. The company's offer includes:

    Lorin bathing suits designed from high-quality, colorful fabrics in an original design. Created with the utmost care for details. Lorin costumes allow you to expose the strengths of the figure and to cleverly cover up imperfections in the figure. The manufacturer made sure that each woman, regardless of size, could choose something for herself. A wide range of various styles allows you to choose the perfect costume model for your own style and preferences.

    Lorin creates costumes for women, men and children, because everyone wants to look special and feel comfortable while relaxing on the beach.

    The manufacturer creates new designs and styles of outfits for each season according to the latest market trends. Lorin bathing suits are made of high-quality materials imported from France, Italy and Spain. They are resistant to chlorine and UV radiation. An additional advantage of these materials is that they dry quickly, fit perfectly to the figure and do not irritate the skin. The variety of available designs, colors and styles makes it possible for everyone to choose the model that suits them best.

    Here, ladies will find classic bikinis that display the qualities of a woman's figure, as well as one-piece costumes that cover up imperfections. In our store, women can choose from many models of costumes that will allow them to enjoy an attractive appearance and comfort. The Lorin women's collection is constantly expanded with accessories to swimwear, such as: pareas, tunics, beach dresses, leg warmers. For men, we have a large selection of boxers and swimming trunks. Our website also includes boys' swimwear and beautiful outfits for girls. Our future mothers will find a beautiful, fashionable and comfortable costume.

    Costumes for women after mastectomy

    Our store offers costumes for women after mastectomy. Lorin bathing suits are functional, thanks to which Amazons can easily insert a breast prosthesis, which stays firmly in the right place, giving a sense of comfort.

    Lorin plus size swimwear

    Ladies with slightly more abundant shapes and slightly larger breasts can easily find a suitable costume that will highlight the strengths of the figure and at the same time cover the imperfections of the figure. Contrary to popular belief, plus size one-piece swimwear is not the only and best alternative. We offer beautiful and effective two-piece costumes with a longer top and comfortable, highly built briefs. For ladies who have larger breasts and would like to emphasize it, a swimsuit with a V-neck will be the perfect choice, which will perfectly emphasize their shape. Be sure to check out our entire offer and choose your dream swimsuit.

    Sportswear, fitness Lorin

    Lorin creates not only bathing suits, but also sportswear. These are:

    Sportswear made of the highest quality material ensuring the comfort of fitness exercises, cycling or running. Lorin guarantees not only that his fitness clothing is comfortable and durable to use, but also gives great satisfaction with its appearance.

    Lorin nightwear

    For years, Lorin has been creating elegant and extremely feminine satin underwear for women who want comfort and an extravagant look in the bedroom. Our offer includes subtle, elegant and very feminine sets of Lorin pajamas and T-shirts. All of them are made of perfect fabrics, decorated with subtle tulle and lace.

    dobrzeubrany.pl also offers skin-friendly, comfortable cotton nightgowns and women's pajamas. These are simple, airy and extremely comfortable lingerie models, sometimes enriched with delicate tulle and lace.

    We invite you to familiarize yourself with our Lorin offer and for successful shopping.